Online Doctor

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To make a booking

Call us on 08 8483 4721 or Click here to Book Online

What is an online doctor?

An online doctor is a regular Australian doctor who sees patients online via video, as well as face to face. This is called TeleHealth.

Why would I use an online doctor?

If you value time and convenience, if you can’t get seen promptly locally, or simply need a second opinion.

Can I get prescriptions or referrals?

Yes. For example if your doctor prescribes a medication you can pick it up at a local pharmacy within minutes.

What services can my doctor provide?

Treatment of common infections, scripts, medical certificates, blood tests, referrals and many more.

Will my local doctor get my results?

Yes if you request it, but we also respect your right to seek a second opinion, so by default your consultation is completely confidential.

How do I make an appointment?

Call us on 08 8483 4721 or

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